Saturday Dinner Menu

Each week we provide a delicious home cooked meal. Please feel free to bring a complimentary dish or a dessert.

August 5th

Croissant Sandwiches

Turkey Rollups

Cole Slaw

Potato Salad

Vicki's Tossed Salad

August 12th

Party By Elayne

Mushrooms in Phyllo Cups

Grilled Chicken, Pork, and Lamb Skewers

Rice Pilaf

Spinach Souffle

Giant Salad Bar

Dessert: Blitz Torte

August 19th

My Mom's Brisket

Elayne's Amazing Potato Pancakes

Steamed Veggies

Tossed Salad

Dinner Rolls

August 26th


Garlic Bread

Steamed Veggies

Tossed Salad