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Bridge is a popular card game that challenges the mind requiring critical thinking and strategy at every turn. Learning how to play bridge can be easy and fun. As with learning any game, there is no substitute for playing. However, there are practical ways to build your bridge understanding before sitting at a table.

Our Beginner's Program

At the Academy, we offer a complete program for anyone who wants to learn how to play bridge. We start at the very beginning. With a series of three classes, "Introduction to Bridge (I,II, and III)". After completing the first two courses students are encouraged to play and practice what they have learned. The third course will fill in missing details. As students progress that can participate in supervised play, our beginner games, and attend our other beginner classes. As players feel ready, they may join any of the many games offered at the Redwood Bridge Club.

Introduction to Bridge (I, II, and III): Learn to play bridge in three six-week classes (more)...   Upcoming Schedule.

Supervised Play: Offers beginners a chance to practice the basics and build confidence. Singles welcomed. Wednesday mornings, 9:15 am, $10/session

Intermediate Games: Offers beginners a chance to play with newer players. Singles welcomed. Offered twice weekly.

Introduction to Bridge(I and II): This twelve-week course is broken into two classes. Introduction to Bridge (I) and Introduction to Bridge (II). Each class meets for six weeks. To learn how to play bridge students must play. While students are registered in our Introductory courses, they will be encouraged to meet at least once more each week to play mini-bridge. Mini-bridge will teach the students about bridge including many of the basic strategies of the game, but without bidding. If you would like to learn how to play bridge, please contact Specify daytime or evening. Cost for each six week class is $125. The text "Beginning Bridge" by Barbara Seagram and Linda Lee is an additional $25.

Intermediate Games Offers beginners a chance to practice the basics and build confidence. Singles welcomed.
Recommended Supplementary Material: Software, Learn and Practice Basic Bidding Conventions... $35